Ms. Izabela graduated from the Jagiellonian University, majoring in Law. After graduation, she began the path to obtaining the title of notary. As she says, halfway through this journey she decided to end her career.

She had people associated with the IT industry around her, which prompted her to become interested in it and look for a field in which she could find herself. She started learning programming in Java on her own, and after some time she came across a recruitment advertisement for our course - Girls Go IT: Creating modern web applications.

During the course, Ms. Izabela explored topics that interested her and (as she emphasizes in an interview with us) the course was a great experience for her, during which she received various tips, learned useful sources and could count on dispelling any doubts.

After the course, she applied for a summer internship as an SDET (Software Development Engineer in Test). After completing the internship, she was one of three people offered permanent cooperation with the company where she still works. In the meantime, she was promoted to a higher position and now works mainly with JS and Cypress, testing front-end applications.

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