Today, we present the story of Ms. Ania, who studied at the Faculty of Energy and Fuels of AGH, and took up her first job as a Data Engineer.

Ms. Ania took part in our "Introduction to IT and Data Science" course and described this adventure in a conversation with us:

"The 'Introduction to IT and Data Science' course fit perfectly into my career plans. After completing it, the amount of job offers for me increased and now I am working in IT for the first time. The course consisted mainly of learning Python, which, although it covered a large scope material, was presented by the teacher in a very thoughtful and accessible way. I also really appreciate the fact that the course was conducted entirely online, thanks to which I could combine learning programming with other responsibilities."

After completing the course, Ms. Ania started working as a Python programmer and is currently involved in database programming.

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  • 3 months, 2 weeks ago