A mentoring program is available for participants of the Girls Go IT course, organized by the TRY IT Foundation. These are 1:1 meetings, during which the students could talk to mentors of their choice about everything related to the IT industry.

Mentors are always people with experience in the industry. The Girls Go IT mentoring program helps participants to look at their skills differently. During the talks, they can find out in which areas it is worth developing, what to pay attention to when planning their career, and see that the IT industry is open to women and it is worth deciding to develop in this direction.

Plakat program mentorski Girls Go IT

In feedback on our courses, participants often emphasized that the mentoring program was a very valuable experience for them and helped them increase their self-confidence:

The mentoring program during the course and the lectures with people in the industry were very valuable. They allowed us to look at the industry from a different perspective. - Amanda

The mentoring meeting was a big surprise for me, you could really learn something interesting, which way to go. - Natalia

The mentoring program was also extremely helpful. Thanks to this meeting, I was able to confirm that the choice of the chosen path is the future for me. The conversation with the mentor was very edifying for me and added another dose of motivation. - Paulina

I have very nice memories of my conversation. The lady I talked to has been working in the IT industry for several years, a Java programmer. She willingly gave me advice on my further development, suggested what I should work on. - Ilona

It is worth mentioning that thanks to the conversations with mentors from both the Department of Computer Science and Motorola, I was able to confront my CV, get valuable advice and tips about my future career in IT. - Aleksandra

One of the most important moments during the training was the individual meetings with the lecturers. I had a full 45 minutes for an individual interview, I could dispel my doubts, get advice and ideas. It's great that the project provided such opportunities for the participants! - Izabela

For me personally, the opportunity to meet a Motorola mentor was very valuable, I received a lot of valuable tips from her. – Julia

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