If you are interested in IT and want to learn new skills, we encourage you to take part in free online courses! There are many free online courses available. They allow not only gaining or expanding knowledge of computer science, but also grant certificates! Some of the courses are dedicated to women and girls.

Check these links to find free online courses

  • UDACITY courses include, among others, programming languages (e.g., JavaScript and Python), machine learning, data analysis and visualization, security of ICT networks, algorithms.
  • MIT courses include introduction to computer science, programming languages (e.g., Java, Python, C ++), mathematics (including linear algebra and statistics), machine learning and algorithmics.
  • Coursera covers cybersecurity, statistics, cryptography, programming languages (e.g., Python, Java, C ++), mobile applications (Andorid and iOS), data visualization and analysis, algorithms, and artificial intelligence.
  • CISCO Networking Academy offers courses related to programming, cybersecurity, Internet of Things, data analysis, and ICT networks.
  • edX courses cover programming (including C, Java, Python, iOS and Android applications, Raspberry Pi, Big Data, computing clouds, creating games and websites), data analysis (including machine learning, SQL and noSQL, data mining), cybersecurity, and many more.

More courses can be found on the Class Central website.

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